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The Next Generation of Vaughan

You know his family members. Sharing such musical heritage with his Father, Jimmie Vaughan, and his Uncle, Stevie Ray Vaughan … Tyrone was born to play “Guitar”… Ever since his Uncle “Stevie Ray” gave him his first guitar at age 5, there was no looking back…He’s got licks, and knows what to do with a Stratocaster. Its raw, rural sound is evident from the beginning that Tyrone has that “Vaughan” sound. What is it that they say “it’s in the genes”….. Being a different style than his father “Jimmie Vaughan” and His uncle “Stevie Ray” , Tyrone paves his own path into the great league of Texas Guitar Gunslingers by mixing “Country Rock Blues” all into one with a slap of Attitude…. Texas style.. Check out his latest music release “Guitar Son” along with a tribute video… In the video Tyrone pays tribute to all his influences who drove him to pick up the six string… Tyrone’s stage presence is much like his music … “in your face” !! From start to finish, from “Barn-burners to ballads he never lets you go. Yea, he’s a gunslinger alright and a real Texas boy. But most of all folks… He’s Definitely a “Vaughan” …

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