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Scorpions to infest Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, June 15, 2012

Those of us who live in this desert city usually shy away when we see scorpions come into our house.  But when our house is the Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix and the Scorpions in question is the German heavy metal band, then we should welcome them with thunderous applause.  On Friday, June 15, 2012, the Scorpions will bring their Final Sting World Tour to the Comerica Theatre at 8:00 p.m. As the title of their tour suggests, this is expected to be the Scorpions’ last tour before retirement.

Most heavy metal bands made their international impact in the 1980’s and the Scorpions were no exception.  With 1980’s album release, Animal Magnetism, and its hit single “The Zoo,” and 1982’s Blackout album from which “Arizona” and “No One Like You,” sprang, the Scorpions began to get extended airplay from radio stations in the United States.  But it was the 1984 album Love At First Sting and its MTV ready songs “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” “Big City Nights,” and the power ballad “Still Loving You,” that catapulted the Scorpions into arena filling headliners in the United States.

The Scorpions were hardly an overnight sensation, having been formed by guitarist Rudolf Schenker in 1965.  When Rudolf’s younger brother Michael and lead singer Klaus Meine joined the band in 1970, the band was signed for their first album release, 1972’s Lonesome Crow. In 1973, the band went through some personal changes, but the song writing team of Meine and Schenker remained intact.  Forty years later, Meine and Schenker are still touring and writing new material, 2010’s Sting In The Tail, being their latest studio album of new music.

Opening for the Scorpions will be Tesla, the hard rock band from Sacramento, California who, due to scheduling quirks, will be making their third Phoenix area appearance this year.  However, Tesla promises something new for this show.  According to Tesla’s website, fans can purchase a limited edition cd of Tesla’s Phoenix show. Five hundred cds of Tesla’s live performance at the Comerica Theatre will be available for pick up right after the end of the show. A second disc of Tesla bonus material will also be included. The disc can be preordered through disclivenetwork.com.

Tickets for the Scorpions and Tesla show still remain and can be purchased through Danny Zelisko Presents or livenation.com.  Ticket prices range from $39.00 to $89.00 plus fees, although some ticket price tiers may no longer be available.

Article by: Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner