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Roger Clyne is Busy with New Album!

Roger Clyne is on his way back from a writing trip to Rocky Point with guitarist Jim Dalton when he checks in from the road to talk about the progress they’ve made making on the Peacemakers’ first album since “The Independent.”

“I like to go down there,” he says of Mexico, “where I don’t have email and the house phone, all that stuff, and strum and strum and see what I come up with.”

Dalton, he says, is “a very good sounding board,” adding, “He tells me when I can do better or when I should stop trying to improve on a certain thing that’s not bearing any return, so I trust his musical instincts. He’s good that way. And he’s a fun dude.”

More than a year of work

Clyne has been working on songs for a Peacemakers album for more than a year now.

“And it’s going pretty well,” he says. “I think I’m approaching double digits as far as the number of songs. We’re gonna start rehearsing, and I think we’re gonna bring a few of them to the Talking Stick stage in early April here.”

It takes a certain type of song, he says, to earn that sort of first impression on the fan base.

“I went down to Mexico with the idea of re-familiarizing myself with some of the songs and seeing which ones I think will be best suited to that kind of introduction,” Clyne says. “There are different ways to introduce songs. And if you do it live first without people being exposed to it in any other way, via recording, it’s kind of a special sort of song you’ve got to choose. There are certain subtleties in some music that doesn’t translate well in a live venue. So we’re sort of looking for the ringers.”

He’s still not sure what kind of record this is shaping up to be.

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