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Queensryche returns to Phoenix

“Time flies when you are having fun.” This seems to be especially true for the band Queensryche. Has it really been twenty three years since their unique vocalist Geoff Tate warned us about a “Revolution Calling,” from Operation MIndcrime, or twenty one years ago that mainstream radio embraced a group known for their metal sound with Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity” from their Empire album? Even the band itself finds it hard to believe that it has been thirty years since they formed in the Seattle, Washington suburb of Bellevue and cut their first EP. Says Tate, “It’s something that we really didn’t think about until this year when somebody mentioned, hey you guys have been around thirty years now. We started doing the math and realizing, oh yeah, wow.”

The result is Queensryche’s Thirtieth Anniversary Tour which stops in Phoenix at the Foundry on First on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. For the last thirty years, Queensryche, when not on tour, has kept busy releasing thirteen studio albums and EP’s, four live albums and four compilation albums which have resulted in over twenty million albums being sold worldwide. Unlike some groups that have been around for thirty years, four original band members still remain, Geoff Tate (lead vocals, keyboards and saxophone), Michael Wilton (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars and backing vocals), Eddie Jackson (bass and backing vocals) and Scott Rockenfield (drums, percussion and keyboards). They are joined on this tour by Parker Lundgren (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars and backing vocals).

Despite the fact that the band just released its latest album, Dedicated To Chaos, in June, 2011, this tour touches very little from the new album, covering only a couple songs and instead draws the playlist on this tour from thirty years’ worth of music. Tate explained, “we are playing songs from all of our different records in the show. We have a big, cool visual show that goes along with all the songs. Sort of a Queensryche retrospective in video.” Just in case you plan to see the show more than once, the set list can change from show to show. “We just try switching it out here and there,” said Tate. “Changing it up for us and the audience who go to multiple shows.”

Opening the show for Queensryche will be another Seattle based band, Windowpane. According to their website, “Windowpane is currently the most popular independently distributed hard rock band in the Seattle area market and is beginning to reach many others. Windowpane is bringing the raw & ugly truth that IS American, dirty guitar driven, Rock & Roll back into the light, and people are hungry for it! Foregoing fancy stage props and theatrics, the band’s backdrop consists of vintage Marshall and Ampeg stacks, fronted with low slung Les Pauls and Fenders. Their sound is unique, gritty and dark, tailored with an angry blues essence that dances with loose and powerful grooves worthy of the classic rock icons. Their lyrics are honest, open and relate to a vulnerability that is within all of us. This genuine, infectious approach coupled with emotionally fueled live performances has generated a tremendous Northwest fan base and will undoubtedly have the same effect on the rest of the nation.”

Over a thirty year career, Queensryche recognizes that their music has touched each member of their fan base in a unique way and in creating their thirty year retrospective they are sympathetic to that. As Tate pointed out “Certain songs become very important to people because it’s a song they gravitated to at a certain point in their life. Perhaps it became the theme music for their life at some point so it means something very special to them. You have to take that into consideration when you are picking out a set list. Trying to pick things that you like to do as an artist and also things that the audience is going to relate to as well.”

For those that wish to see whether Queensryche will include their special song in concert, tickets are available through Danny Zelisko Presents, The Foundry on First or Ticketfly and are priced at $27.00 for general admission and $52.00 for the Higher Lounge Section. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. for this 8:00 p.m. event.

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