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Keeping ‘Time’ with recording legend Alan Parsons


Alan Parsons performs his show, Alan Parsons Live Project on March 25 at Celebrity Theatre.

Mention the name Alan Parsons to an audiophile and then listen for their heart to skip a beat.

The classic rock icon’s illustrious career as a recording engineer and producer earned Parsons several Grammy nominations, including his work on Pink Floyd’s legendary Dark Side of the Moon.

Soon after that release, Parsons partnered with songwriter Eric Woolfson, and together they formed the nucleus of The Alan Parsons Project, producing multimillion selling records throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. They include musically diverse tunes such as Sirius, Eye in the Sky, Games People Play, Don’t Answer Meand Time.

Woolfson died in 2009, but Parsons is still keeping the flame alive with a 2016 greatest hits tour. Parsons spoke to Get Out about his astonishing career and new live show.

Q: Your resume is astounding and your first professional credits as an assistant engineer was The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Let It Be it just goes from there—Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ambrosia, Al Stewart. Are you able to encapsulate that learning experience you learned at EMI/Abbey Road Studios in that era in a paragraph or two?

AP: It was an extremely fortunate case of being in the right place at the right time. I just happened to apply at the studios at a good time, and I think I had the right credentials in what they were looking for. I had a bit of experience with the tape machine. Working with the Beatles was a lucky, fortunate streak for me and I was available to them.

Q: Abbey Road Studios has been described by some of your peers as having the personality of an army bunker, but there had to be some magic to the place given that it’s produced some of the most iconic music of the 20th century.

AP: It was more about the people than the place because the training you received at Abbey Road was second to none. Just about everybody who trained there became somebody whether it be a sought out engineer or producer and had success in the music business. It just has a certain magic and it’s still there to this day. Every time I enter that building I’m enthralled by the whole vibe of the place.

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Great seats are still available to Alan Parsons Live! To purchase tickets for the show on March 25 at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, visit www.celebritytheatre.com or call 602-267-1600, ext. 1.