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Concert review: Tesla, January 6, 2012 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

By: Ted Hansen, Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner
January 9, 2012

When a band chooses a concert venue, it is a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some places are too big, some places are too small and some places are just right. For Tesla’s current Twisted Wires Acoustic Tour, which came to Phoenix on Friday, January 6, 2012, choosing the Celebrity Theatre was just right. With the Celebrity’s rotating stage and its farthest seat being only twenty five rows back, the intimacy of the crowd combined well with Tesla’s “unplugged” version of their ninety minute long playlist.

It’s easy to think of an acoustic set list as laid back and mellow. But this is Tesla. Although you might hear the occasional power ballad, such as “Love Song,” the band hit the stage running with its opening number “Comin’ Atcha Live” which blended into the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin” just like Tesla performed to open their ground breaking Five Man Acoustical Jam album over twenty years ago. With Tesla’s current tour continuing to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of that album’s release, the evening was a combination of that album and Tesla’s latest acoustic release Twisted Wires and The Acoustic Sessions. The latter album offered two new releases, “2nd Street” and “Better Off Without You,” both of which were solid songs to add to the Tesla repertoire.

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