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Concert Review: Joe Satriani at Talking Stick Resort

“If you are looking for a concert of extraordinary musicians producing amazing instrumental harmonies, then this is most definitely for you.”


Beneath a Desert Sky featured Joe Satriani’s show at Talking Stick Resort on their website. Read the full review here. All photos by Fred Kuhlman.


The “Surfing To Shockwave” setlist included:

Set 1: Album

  • Shockwave Supernova (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Flying in a Blue Dream (Flying in a Blue Dream)
  • Ice 9 (Surfing With The Alien)
  • Crystal Planet (Crystal Planet)
  • Not of This Earth (Not of This Earth)
  • On Peregrine Wings (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Friends (Single)
  • Time
  • If I Could Fly (Is There Love in Space?)
  • Butterfly and Zebra (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Cataclysmic (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Summer Song (The Extremist)

Set 2: Album

  • Drum solo (Marco Minnemenn)
  • Crazy Joey (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Lost in a Memory (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Keyboard Solo (Mike Keneally)
  • Luminous Flesh Giants (Joe Satriani)
  • Always With Me, Always With You (Surfing With The Alien)
  • Guitar,Bass and Keyboard Jam.
  • God Is Crying (Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards)
  • If There Is No Heaven (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Goodbye Supernova (Shockwave Supernova)
  • Satch Boogie (Surfing With The Alien)


  • Big Bad Moon (Flying in a Blue Dream)
  • Surfing With the Alien (Surfing With The Alien)
  • Ending Jam