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Adam Ant: Still black leather pants, pirate garb after all these years?

This time last year, Adam Ant was revisiting “Kings of the Wild Frontier” in all its glory, working the stage with a youthful exuberance most entertainers half his age would be advised to envy in black leather pants and dashing pirate garb.

The Anthems Tour that brings the legend back to Arizona is more focused on the singles, offsetting such obvious A-sides as “Dog Eat Dog,” “Antmusic,” “Stand and Deliver” and “Goody Two Shoes” with B-sides and rarities, some of which he says had never made a setlist prior to this tour.

“‘Can’t Set Rules About Love’ is one that I’d never done before,” he says. “Another one is ‘Gotta Be a Sin.’ But we’ve kind of arranged them in a way so that they fit in with the singles that are better known.”

He’s even playing “Young Parisians,” his first release with Adam & the Ants, which turns 40 this year.

Because the tour is based on giving concertgoers something of an overview of Ant’s career, the star agreed to walk us through his history, sharing memories of important milestones on the road to this year’s tour.

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Adam Ant will play Celebrity Theatre on January 28th. Click here for ticket information.