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3 Doors Down 06.10.16 at Talking Stick Resort


3 Doors Down came to Talking Stick Resort on Friday June 10th, promoting their newest album, Us And The Night.  Originally, the show was scheduled to be outside at the resort’s pool, but due to the possible extreme heat and afternoon storms, it was moved inside to the Grand Ballroom.  Brad Arnold, 3 Doors Down’s front man, even made a comment during the show about how hot it was getting off the bus.

3 Doors Down was formed in 1994 in Mississippi as a 3 member band, but Brad Arnold is the only original member remaining.  In 2000 they released their multi-platinum album, The Better Life that featured a number of singles including their first big hit, Kryptonight.  The current band member are: Brad Arnold (Lead Vocals), Chris Henderson (Lead and Rhythm Guitar), Greg Upchurch (Drums), Chet Roberts (Lead and Rhythm Guitar) and Justin Biltonen (Bass).

The show started when Greg started a drum sequence and then the rest of the band joined him on stage.  They started with Danko, It’s Not My Time, and Citizen Soldier.  The band looked like they were having fun and interacted with the crowd.  The crowd responded and were on their feet during the entire show singing and dancing along with the music.  When the band got to Be Like That, the crowd really started singing along to a point that Brad turned the mic toward the crowd.  Chet and Chris were constantly going to the front of the stage and jamming to the crowd.  Justin was all over the stage laying down the bass track.  It was nice seeing a show where the crowd was having fun and really into the music instead of just sitting and listening.  The band finished their main set with Kryptonight.  After a couple of minutes they came back for a 3 song encore.

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman

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